A Life Lesson

                                                                        A Life Lesson

            In life we tend to lose sight of our hopes, our dreams but most importantly ourselves. We forget who we are. Our paths become uncertain and clouded for whatever reason. Sometimes we even fail to remember why we even came down the path we are on. We put ourselves in this void, this prison and cannot find our way out. We are blinded by guilt, by anguish, by pain, by everyday life and whatever else plagues our minds, our souls.


            The door is in front of you, the keys are in your hands. You just have to take that step forward. You were never really barricaded by anything more than yourself. Take your blindfold off, move forward. It does not matter how you wound up at this point. It matters now where you are going. Now take that step forward, keep moving, drive past your obstacles. You are strong whether you knew it or not, you are strong.


            Now tell me what path lies ahead. It is up to you. It is your destiny, now choose. You have the location, you have the power to make it there. So what is really stopping you? Is it yourself? Is it really nothing? Move forward. Do not make excuses as to why you can’t. When you truly find yourself, when can see what you are capable of you will see nothing can stop you. You are a juggernaut, a titan you are strong.


            On your journey remind yourself who the real you is. Do not forget again. Do not lock yourself away. Do not go back to that. And do not put your blindfold back on, even if your path becomes fearsome. This is a lesson in life so, “Move forward, never backwards and in your darkest hour never falter.” 

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2 thoughts on “A Life Lesson

  1. I really love this! I will say that it is definitely me. I am my own worst enemy but this year is the year I conquer some fears with regards to my career path and followings those dreams. Thanks for the reminder to not lose site of myself again!

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