About Me

                                        About Me

     A father, a husband, a beginner writing, a gamer and most importantly a dreamer are what I am. I have always wanted to pursue my dreams of writing and building video games. I always try to push myself past my limits. I want to show my kids that its okay to reach for the stars.

     My first true writing actually came from Dungeons and Dragons. One day my friends and I came across it. Honestly, we thought it was absolutely amazing. Everyone wanted to play characters and I volunteered to be the Dungeon Master. In the beginning, there was a bit of disdain because I didn’t get to make my own character. I ended up falling in love with the role. I remember when I was seventeen I would spend twenty plus hours of solid writing and planning just for a session that would last like two hours.

     I have tried many things in my life. Hobbies would always come and go and come back again. I have learned many sciences from astronomy to psychology. I have built a great many things. My favorite thing I built was a functional wind turbine that was completely built from recycled parts. I even built the generator from scratch. There are so much more I have learned. A jack of trades by heart. As of now my biggest focuses are writing and learning to develop video games.

     I now step forth and go way beyond my comfort zone to deliver content on this site that I hope you all may enjoy.




              “Always forward never backward and in my darkest hours I shall never falter.”